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The Last Magic Show

Film (Trailer and Excerpts) – 2008

I think we shot 23 days. It's just a distant, blurry, sleep-deprived memory now.
– Cinematographer Duncan Cole on shooting The Last Magic Show, Onfilm, July 2007, page 22
I am Ronny Roman. I have come to perform magic for the guests.
– Ronny (Andy Conlan) is ready for his close-up
That stuff you said about me being on TV — is that for real?
– Celestine (Jade Collins) sees an opportunity with Ronny
This is not a trick. This is true, living magic...prepare yourselves for a journey into the mystical.
– Illusionist and magician Ronny Roman (Andy Conlan) introduces his act
Brilliant... the beauty in this film comes from the poignant portrayal of a man whose life is both enhanced and dismally screwed up by the dark powers he may or may not even really have. The Last Magic Show creatively ponders the deeper meaning of not only the supernatural, but human existence as well ... you will be reminded of exactly why you love independent cinema.
– From a four and a half star review on American website Film Threat, 2 January 2009
The movie was shot during this weird time between film and digital. Even though almost everything is digital now, back then, only films shot on film were considered "proper films". To qualify as a "real film", we shot part of it on film. It opens in 16mm, and closes on 35mm. The opening and flashbacks being on 16mm imply that, being memories, they are less sharp, and therefore less reliable. The harsh reality of most of Ronny's story was shot on standard definition digital video.
– Writer/director Andy Conlan
It's basically a new take on classic themes that have been present in cinema for nearly 100 years, one that acknowledges them and adds a few new elements that hopefully will be entertaining
– Writer/director Andy Conlan is asked to describe The Last Magic Show, Onfilm, May 2008, page 24 (Volume 25, number 5)
...my visits to Luke [Fitzgerald] to listen to each piece of music he'd composed was like rediscovering the film all over again ... Luke revitalised the movie and took it to a much higher level.
– Writer/director Andy Conlan on Luke Fitzgerald's score for the film, Onfilm, May 2008, page 22 (Volume 25, number 5)