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The Nineties

Television (Full Length) – 1993

Made to mark the Women’s Suffrage Centennial in 1993, this documentary features seven women in their 90s. By telling their own personal stories, the women give an insight into NZ history in the 1900s. The women speak frankly about their lives, with often very moving stories of losing boyfriends and family members to the world wars, having small children die from illnesses that would now be easily treatable, getting married with no knowledge of the facts of life, and dealing with illegitimate babies from liaisons with American soldiers.

I don’t feel old, not actually. My movements are old I know, but my body doesn’t feel it. My body feels quite young.
– Margaret Dean, 92

Key Cast & Crew

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Annie Collins


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Vincent Burke


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Monique Oomen

Director, Interviewer

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Lorraine Englebretsen


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Ian Masterton


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Wayne Vinten


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Top Shelf Productions


Thanks to the 1993 Suffrange Centennial Trust.

Made with funding from NZ On Air