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Hero image for This Giant Papier Mâché Boulder is Actually Really Heavy

This Giant Papier Mâché Boulder is Actually Really Heavy

Film (Trailer and Excerpts) – 2016


This sci-fi comedy became a four-year labour of love for director Christian Nicolson. It was inspired by memories of old school sci-fi like Blake’s 7 and Star Trek, in the days before computers transformed special effects. Three geeks (one played by Nicolson) are plunged into an alien world which inexplicably resembles a B-grade movie. The project was runner-up from 750 entries in low budget contest Make My Movie. In this excerpt, the crew have some tense encounters while trying to find replacement spaceship parts at a trading post. Boulder won Best Comedy prizes at sci-fi festivals in London and Boston.

Just tell me about when you were growing up — like, you know what sort of house did you live in? Did you have a dog, or a boyfriend? Or have you ever kissed a girl? That sort of thing.
– Tom (Christian Nicolson) tries to get to know Emmanor (Sez Niederer)

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Kirianne Nicolson

Kirianne Nicolson

Lead Costumes/Wardrobe, Associate Producer

Generic Profile image for Christian Nicolson

Christian Nicolson

As: Tom, Director, Writer, Editor, Art Director

Generic Profile image for Andrew Beszant

Andrew Beszant


Generic Profile image for Daniel Pujol

Daniel Pujol

As: Jeffrey

Generic Profile image for Jarred Tito

Jarred Tito

As: Bruce & Chief caveman

Generic Profile image for Joseph Wycoff

Joseph Wycoff

As: Gottlieb & Lord Froth

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Soundtrack composed & performed by Karl Steven

Theme song written & performed by Andrew Beszant and Karl Steven

Soundtrack includes songs by Goon