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Back of the Y Masterpiece Television - Series One

Television (Full Length Episodes) – 2001

Chris Stapp and Matt Heath's cult show celebrates stunts, mayhem and dodgy TV across seven episodes. In episode one, presenter Danny Parker's first interview with New Zealand's "greatest" stuntman" Randy Cambell (Stapp) ends in a studio brawl, and Cambell's attempt to jump a BMX bike over an ape goes "horribly wrong" (not for the last time). In episode five, slow-witted South Islander Spanners Watson unveils a rocket car. In episode six Danny has a close encounter with a flying automobile, while episode seven goes behind the scenes and features some horrible injuries. All-rounders Heath and Stapp also indulge in low rent sci-fi parodies and play in the show's house band, Deja Voodoo.     

Warning: This content may offend some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised. 

We don't want to be associated at all with that programme. We haven't seen it but we understand it pushes the limits of sleaze, and that's not the kind of image we want for our organisation at all.
– YMCA Chief Executive Geoff Woolford, in The NZ Herald, 13 July 2001

Key Cast & Crew

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Stunts, As: Professor Crash Endicott (episode 2), various roles

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Chris Stapp

Creator, Director, Stunts, Writer, Editor, As: Randy Cambell, Ricky Cambell, Reporter Jesus Christoffeson, Bottlestore Galactica hero, various roles

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Chris Winn

As: Extreme Cameraman Wally Symons, Constable Rob Bogan, various roles

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Matt Heath

Writer, Creator, Producer, Editor, As: Danny Parker, Dick Johansonson, Bottlestore Galactica hero, various roles

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Piers Graham

As: Bottlestore Galactica Colonel, Constable, Ray Smoodiver, Bully (episode 2), Behind the Y Presenter (episode 6)

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Phil Brough

Production Crew, As: Spanners Watson, The Ginge (episode 2), Man with ageing condition, various roles

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