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Hero image for This is Your Life - Nola Luxford

This is Your Life - Nola Luxford

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1985

Nola has devoted her whole life to making this world a better and happier place for us to live. And she didn't do it for reward or recognition. She did it because that's the kind of lady she is, and she's won a special place in our hearts.
– Luxford's great nephew Jim Johnson
We didn't do anything but just work at the club … day in and day out, I never knew what Sunday was, Christmas was ... anything.
– Nola Luxford on working at the Anzac Club during World War II
The Anzacs adored Nola. Through her intervention, a vast metropolis was made instantly personal and accessible. The New York media crowned her 'Angel of the Anzacs'. And Nola found herself listed in the World Who's Who and in successive volumes of Who's Who in New York.
– Author Carole Van Grondelle, in her book Angel of the Anzacs – The Life of Nola Luxford