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This Way of Life Film (Trailer and Excerpts) – 2009 Documentary Māori

This Way of Life

Film (Trailer and Excerpts) – 2009 Documentary Māori

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I'd like to hear the other side of the story. The stepfather and his siblings story. What caused the huge rift?


Issac 10 Sep 2018 - 10.10pm

I can't make any better comments than those that have come before me. Inspiring, the rawness of where they live and their truly remarkable family spirit that comes so natural to Peter, Colleen and the kids. To be living this style in the 21st century is amazing. Indeed a beautiful story.


ERU WIKIRIWHI 2 Oct 2017 - 11.26am

I have just watched this program, I was moved to tears on more than one occasion. These people are such beautiful people, the children are wonderful. No matter what life throws at them they come up smelling of roses. The way they are bringing up their children, made me wish I was one of there's and Im 61. Can I come live with you please, lol. Love they live very basic, but so very happy. What a life, happy well adjusted children and Peter and Colleen I wish you the very best in what life brings you. Love you all.

Robyn Donaldson

Robyn Donaldson 25 Mar 2017 - 07.28pm

So glad I stumbled across this taonga. Beautifully shot and incredibly compelling. Loved hearing both parents describe each of their children's traits and personalities. Was great to see this adoration for their kids regardless of life's curve balls. Intrigued to see how this family is getting on today. Thanks!

AP & Em

AP & Em 20 Jan 2017 - 09.14am

Eine ganz besondere Familie, besondere Menschen. Traurig,rührend, hoffnungsvoll, mehr davon. Tolle Kameraführung.

G. Poppe

G. Poppe 26 Aug 2014 - 02.36am

I love this real-life story, only watched it last night. God is very much part of their every day life so beautifully shared, very refreshing in this materialistic world. I love the way they raise their children, teaching them the basic way of life. It is heart warming to know that there are parents out there still, who understand the real value of a simple life. Well done Peter and Colleen.


Erna 26 Jul 2014 - 04.49pm

I discovered this film in our local library. What a perfect choice! I am profoundly moved by it as it touches on many of my own life experiences. i recommend it to anyone.

Maureen O'Reilly

Maureen O'Reilly 25 Jun 2014 - 11.02pm

This documentary viewed last night. I am reminded of how much we have in terms of material things, and how these things are not important. The Ottley-Karena family are just gorgeous. What a beautiful woman Colleen is, inside and out. So glad I watched the documentary.

Thanks Thomas and Barbara.

Carolyn Wills

Carolyn Wills 26 May 2014 - 12.36pm

Profoundly moved by this wonderful film. I want to buy a copy if possible. - SK


SONIA KELLETT 26 May 2014 - 02.08am

Beautiful, Sad, Inspirational cant wait for part 2. Huge aroha to Thomas and Barbara and of course the Ottley-Karena family

nai green

nai green 18 Oct 2013 - 12.00pm

I also would love to see a sequel. We all use the inspirational word far too often but in this case it applies in bucket loads - they have inspired me to be better parent for a start


Sue 15 Sep 2013 - 05.38pm

I really enjoyed this doco... I would love to see a sequel.... I wanna see how all the family is doing now!! 😃


Jane 12 Sep 2013 - 02.13am

I so loved this doc. What a beautiful couple. Such strong and loving values and I wish everyone had the strength of mind to find their truth as this couple have. And yes, WOULD LOVE TO SEE A SEQUEL.


Lili 9 Sep 2013 - 11.54am

I live in Perth and only saw this doco screened the other night.
Colleen and Peter, you are both INSPIRATIONAL!
Would love to see a sequel. Commendations to the producers
of this doco, great work!

Myra jade

Myra jade 4 Sep 2013 - 04.21am

Any chance there will be a follow up movie to update us all on how the Karena family is doing now. A fabulous family.We wish them well.

Jan Gair

Jan Gair 4 Jul 2013 - 06.11pm

thanku to the karena whanau...u certainly are a true testimony to following your heart. You remind of whats important..thankyou. tino ataahua whanau

moana mackay

moana mackay 18 May 2013 - 02.42pm

I have just seen this Doco..WOW!!!!!! It really blew me away,what a Beautiful family..I just love the way they are raising their children,such respect all round.I think we all Dream for such Freedom.Peter and colleen you are such a Insperation .Don't ever change...

Julz Daniels

Julz Daniels 9 May 2013 - 12.32pm

Just watched this movie I am so inspired by this family:) people can learn from this family on how u should treat one another this world would be a much better place bless u and ur family xx

Monique McGill

Monique McGill 8 May 2013 - 11.10pm

so brave to be so free

jan bernier

jan bernier 7 May 2013 - 11.50pm

I dream of a life like theirs, they're are all so pure and soulful. This is like a real life version of the movie Avatar, i love it. And if I should ever meet them in this lifetime it would be a blessing. arohanui(:

Nga Roma

Nga Roma 10 Nov 2012 - 05.20pm

When I first seen this on DVD, I could not get this spectacular family out of my head for months. Colleen and Peter are the most outstanding parents I know of, all of their children are unique. I recently got their new book out and I am head over heels with this whanau all over again. I wish I was just like Colleen, my partner is a lot like Peter ( just not as gentle and patient as him though) and I would love to raise my children the way they do...The Ottley- Karena family really raised my awareness of what family values should be, and that we don't need a flash house, car and all the gadgets to feel successful. One day I hope to meet them with my family too. Colleen, Peter and to all your beautiful children, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening my eyes.

Tui Kerei

Tui Kerei 22 Oct 2012 - 08.19pm

I saw this movie two years ago when I was 12 and absolutely loved it. A few months earlier Peter had taken me on a horse trek, and it was a amazing. The horses were beautiful and Peter is the nicest guy I've ever met. I'm proud to be able to say I have met him, and this movie was incredibly inspirational.


Mia 23 May 2012 - 05.01pm

Hi Carol,

Look for the 'Availability' box (below right, when you are looking at the main 'Overview' page for This Way of Life). You can press on the 'Cloud South Films' link there, to buy the film and the This Way of Life book.

20 Feb 2012 - 07.43am

Is there anywhere else that I can purchase this film? I'm having trouble with the site mentioned below.


Carol 19 Feb 2012 - 11.38pm

I watched this film on ABC TV and felt as though the Karenas were my own family. I'm inspired by seeing a family living their values every day, come what may. The film left me wanting to know more - about how Peter and Colleen formed the values they are imparting to their children, how they chose to live the life they did, what kind of teaching they do at home for their children - and most of all, how have things worked out for them since This Way of Life?
I try every day to raise my small son to be a decent, loving person above all else. I share Peter and Colleen's concern that life "won't be what they're used to". I hope my son and the Karenas will meet some day, share a herb tea and some ideas, and inspire each other.
Thank you for sharing this part of your lives with us.

Natalie Simpson

Natalie Simpson 26 Jan 2012 - 01.26am

This wonderful film is now available as a legal download on The filmmakers Sumner and Thomas Burstyn uploaded it themselves on our platform and released the download and the stream for 6€ to 8€. We would be pleased if you would visit our site:
Thank you for your notice!
Kind regards from the Onlinefilm Team

Julia Schubert

Julia Schubert 25 Jan 2012 - 05.08am

this film touched my heart. Peter, Colleen and the children are a beautiful family and i pray they continue to live as free spirits just as God intended.

I wonder if Peter did go ahead with his horse riding business.
kind regards, mary

mary andersson

mary andersson 29 Dec 2011 - 10.26pm

This has just been shown in South Auz - and in amongst many emotions, it made me homesick - think it was the shot of Bare Island that did it!!. What an amazing couple. Not all of society would agree this is the way to raise children but perhaps if more did it this way there would be less troubled youth. I know we probably only saw the good bits of the kids but it made me want to throw out my own childrens PSP ipad ninetendo etc and get them back to grass roots. What incredible horsemen they were and how great to see children not wrapped up in cotten wool. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Bear McNeill

Bear McNeill 28 Dec 2011 - 11.13pm

This movie should be on main stream tv and sky movies. It makes you think about your own values about life and what's important. These two parents are now my 'yard sticks' to which I want to aspire too. They are so humble yet the strength the show through adversities is incredible. As a man and father he has such wisdom, compassion and insight into his relationship with each child and his beautiful wife. So sad to see how a lesser man (his adoptive father) caused so much sadness in their lives and was such a bully. The story telling is subtle but powerful and completely genius. Would be amazing to meet this family but I am just thankful that their story is documented and will go on to inspire others. Thank you to the Karena Whanau. God bless you all, you are a beautiful incredible family.....


Janelle 25 Dec 2011 - 11.02pm

Wow ! This film reminds me of my own childhood, I laughed and cryed then rang the whanau and told them to watch it. Beautiful guys! I wish Peter and his whanau all the very best, thank you for reminding me of great times, riding horses, living off the land, looking after each other! and the fact that All you need is love, good values laugher and kai not flash things! Stay true guys!


Fleur 12 Dec 2011 - 08.30pm

I loved this movie so much, from beginning to end, what an inspirational movie!


Xtina 12 Dec 2011 - 07.39pm

i just watched this movie & it was uniquely kiwi & showed spectacular footage of our aotearoa.

Dave Rhind

Dave Rhind 11 Dec 2011 - 10.26pm

OMG what a beautiful whanau. So sad they have to endure such hate that stems from Peters step dad. But because of his love for his wife and children and their love for him, nothing will bring them down. Why isnt this film shown on TV2 or TV3, I think all of NZ actually the world should see this movie. Peter and his family prove over and over, all you need is love. What lucky kids to be bought up in such an amazing lifestyle. Never mind racing up the hill on bikes, why not race along the sand on horses. How cool. I cant stop watching this film. Just love ever bit of it.


Mel 11 Oct 2011 - 12.56pm

Deeply moving. Sad that this way of life may soon be lost forever. Peter the father shows his love for his wife and children in tangibly moving ways. It's a hard life trying to live by your values alone.


Gail 8 Oct 2011 - 04.37pm

Saw it on Maori TV tonight. A truly beautiful and moving film. Thankyou!


Richard 7 Oct 2011 - 09.46pm

What an awesome family you have captured on this film. Im sure this world would be a much better place if our values for life and each other were modelled on the values of the Ottley-Karena family.

M Martin-Hughes

M Martin-Hughes 5 Jun 2011 - 10.08pm

wow. this is a winner


Phil 3 Jun 2011 - 12.46pm

Absolutely beautiful, fantastic, best ever...should be NZ Tourism advert. But what a loser of a step father: if he was my whanau I'd give him what for.


Huhana 23 May 2011 - 10.38pm

What an extraordinary family - it was an honour to meet them and view the quality of their love for each other through your outstanding film. Thank you to the family, and thanks to you as film makers for finding and honouring their amazing lives and journey in one of the most moving films I have ever seen. Sue B.

Sue Burroughs

Sue Burroughs 23 May 2011 - 07.45pm

This was a WONDERFUL film and I'm sure to buy it to give to my family as soon as I can find out when/where from. I watched it at the Amnesty International mini film festival at UofA and LOVED IT - such a BEAUTIFUL film. Thank you so much to Mr and Mrs Burstyn for coming along to answer our questions - what an opportunity for us to meet the makers of such an amazing piece of art. Thank you to the Karana family for letting us see in to your life and marvel at your strength, love and passion for living. It has inspired me - I'll be taking my horses off in to the sunset...just after my exams! :)


Kate 28 Oct 2010 - 05.39pm

An example of tolerance and forgiveness & enriched by the bond of love and trust and harmony that should be emulated by everyone.
The most profound words were" In life you can never take your words back"
Truly an inspiring and magnificently filmed story.
Loved everything about it.
May the force s of good always remain with your family.
God has truly blessed you. Addressesd to (The Karana family)

Rosie Hoy

Rosie Hoy 3 Aug 2010 - 02.16pm

rhys duncan - tom what a masterpiece beautiful

rhys duncan

rhys duncan 1 Jun 2010 - 10.56pm

Beautiful, love it!


Cheryl 25 Mar 2010 - 05.43pm

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