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Three New Zealanders: Sylvia Ashton-Warner

Television (Full Length) – 1978

Visionary educationalist and novelist Sylvia Ashton-Warner is interviewed by leading educationalist of the day, Jack Shallcrass, in this documentary about her life and work. From her home in Tauranga the film explores her educational philosophies (“organic teaching” and her “drive to diffuse the impulse to kill”) and her “divided life” between woman and artist, as she plays piano and interacts with children. It is the only interview she ever made for television, and was the first of the Three New Zealanders documentaries made to mark International Women's Year.

I don't write 'deliberately'. Do we breathe 'deliberately'?
– Sylvia Ashton-Warner

Key Cast & Crew

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Bruce Clark


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John Barnett


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Jack Shallcrass


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Keith Hawke


Produced by

Endeavour Films


Commissioned by the Broadcasting Council of New Zealand with the support of the QEII Arts Council, and Qantas.