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Hero image for Three Wise Cousins

Three Wise Cousins

Film (Trailer) – 2015

Parental Guidance
I set out to make a film that was entertaining. Whether it has artistic merit or critical [acclaim], it doesn't matter. For me, if an audience, in particular a New Zealand Pacific Island audience, sits in there and doesn't laugh, then I've failed.
– Director Stallone Vaiaoga-Ioasa, in a Stuff interview, 3 January 2016
In Samoa, like that lifestyle is so different. It was like a huge culture shock, adapting to the weather, just how they cook and how they live, it's a whole lifestyle that you have to learn. Yeah, it wasn't acting, it was my first time there, first time doing everything.
– Actor Neil Amituanai on filming in Samoa, in an RNZ International interview, 23 December 2015
If the woman sees the man's fale is dusty, they will think 'What other parts of that man is dusty too?'
– Tavita (Fesuiai Viliamu)
Fans of the Sione's Wedding films will lap up this colourful and charming Kiwi-Samoan comedy ... an unexpected delight.
– James Croot in a 28 January 2016 Stuff review
The Samoan community has come out in force and supported it.
– Director Stallone Vaiaoga-Ioasa, in an RNZ interview with Simon Morris, 28 February 2016