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Through the Eyes of Love

Television (Full Length) – 1998

New Zealanders have been accused of not rushing to express their feelings. Made for TV One's Work of Art slot, this collection of 10 classic love songs offers striking evidence to the contrary. A roll call of song-writers and musicians talk candidly about love and putting it into song. Each performs a classic song they're closely identified with, from Ruru Karaitiana's 'Blue Smoke' (performed here by Jackie Clarke) to John Rowles' 'Cheryl Moana Marie', to stripped back versions of 'I See Red' and Bic Runga's 'Sway'. The result shines a light on love, Kiwi-style — and offers a fascinating survey of Kiwi pop music across half a century. 

It's a love song, because it's dealing with the passions and tensions and all the mentalness that comes with trying to make it work with somebody ... I don't think it's really an angry song at all in a way — it's quite a celebratory thing ... You can sometimes be filled with rage and virtually hatred towards somebody who you actually love very much, but it's just gone again. And it's the letting go that's important.
– Tim Finn, on Split Enz song 'I See Red'

Produced by

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Messenger Films


Made with funding from NZ On Air


Featured songs (in order): 

'Blue Smoke' performed by Jackie Clarke, written by Ruru Karaitiana

'Cheryl Moana Marie' performed by John Rowles, written by Nat Kipner & John Rowles 

'1905' written & performed by Shona Laing

'I See Red' performed by Tim Finn, written by Split Enz (Tim Finn, Neil Finn, Eddie Rayner, Malcolm Green & Noel Crombie)

'Victoria' written & performed by Jordan Luck

'Loyal' written & performed by Dave Dobbyn

'Submarine Bells' written & performed by Martin Phillips

'Not Given Lightly' written & performed by Chris Knox

'Watchin' U' performed by Ardijah, written by Ryan Monga 

'Sway' written & performed by Bic Runga

Songs recorded at York Street Studios in November 1997



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