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Toa Hunter-Gatherer - First Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2016

This Te Ao Māori take on Hunger Games follows bushman Owen Boynton as he straps on his bow and travels across Aotearoa, to explore traditional hunting techniques and skills, and the kaupapa behind them. In this first episode Tūhoe-bred Boynton returns to his Waimana hometown to pay his respects to the forest, and hunt with whānau to provide kai for their community. On the riverbed the dogs round up a couple of deer, and he gets an anatomy lesson from his uncle. Toa Hunter-Gatherer was produced by Julian Arahanga and Awa Films for Māori Television.

Today, hunting is portrayed as a sport — for recreational hunters. Our show is more about getting in touch with our history, learning from our elders and looking at traditional ways a hunter gatherer would once do things.
– Owen Boynton in an interview with Te Ahua Maitland, Stuff website, 25 August 2016

Key Cast & Crew

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Mike Gibson

Sound Mix

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Mike Jonathan

Cinematographer, Director

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Owen Boynton


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Julian Arahanga


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Sean Woollgar


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Callie Adams

Network Executive

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