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Have You Tried, Maybe, Not Worrying? Short Film (Full Length) – 2016 Drama

Have You Tried, Maybe, Not Worrying?

Short Film (Full Length) – 2016 Drama

PG Parental Guidance
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This 2016 short film follows a young woman (Florence Noble, from The Jaquie Brown Diaries) as she deals with debilitating panic attacks. On a road trip to a beach party, a friend (Jordan Vaha’akolo) sympathises with her struggles. Later he comes around for a cuppa to be there for her. Director Rachel Ross based the story on her personal experience of severe anxiety. "I was shocked to hear that people were struggling as severely as I was but kept it quiet. They were ashamed. It was this journey and realisation that catapulted the premise of this short film."

Key Cast & Crew

Florence Noble

As: Sage

Hamish Mortland


Rachel Ross

Writer, Director

This film, I hope, propels anyone struggling to seek support and those who are supportive figures to gain patience and endurance. [And] furthermore, open the eyes of those who are completely unaware of the debilitating journey of mental illness.
– Writer/director Rachel Ross