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Hero image for Turangawaewae - A Place to Stand

Turangawaewae - A Place to Stand

Short Film (Full Length) – 2012

People say to me what's it like being married to a Māori? It's like being married to a man.
– Sharley Haddon
She had to step outside of her family's closeness to be associated with me. But that's how she was. She's been supportive of all the issues ... She's just Sharley ... I don't think I could ever live my life with anybody else. Sounds a bit wishy-washy, but that's how it is.
– Laly Haddon
There's a huge spirituality here. Sometimes it can feel almost oppressive, it's quite a strong thing. I wonder if that's the energy of the sea and the land.
– Sharley Haddon on Pakiri
At the same time I’m a horse breeder and I like to keep the strains pure … so it’s a bit of a conflict.
– Sharley Haddon ponders racism and horse breeding
I don’t think that the relationship between Māori and Pākehā is as aggressive as a lot of people think: I’m part of that relationship … my children are a part of that relationship. I think it's a feeling of kindness, and a lot of times thank goodness we treat one other like we do, because it's a affection that you possibly wouldn't get anywhere else in the world.
– Laly Haddon