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Wahine - The Untold Story

Television (Full Length) – 1993

As we were about to cut ourselves adrift from the Wahine, we heard some people yelling from a higher deck, and we looked up and here was a couple with a young child, I suppose a two or three-year-old child, and they said would you take our baby with you? And we said we would, and these two threw the child down to us in the life raft ... I can still see the despair on their faces.
– Robert Ewan, a passenger on the Wahine
I couldn't work out why everybody had their hands over their ears ... and then it suddenly hit me ... this shrieking, very high-pitched continuous scream was of the ship grinding against the rock.
– William J Spring, who was on the Wahine
I've never seen a ship swinging like that … the sea had control almost of the ship.
– Wahine helmsman Ken MacLeod