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Hero image for What Now? - 40th Birthday Celebration

What Now? - 40th Birthday Celebration

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2021

I think it's actually probably everyone's dream to be gunged. I guess the world's a lot better when you're gunging.
– Presenter Joe Coughlan introduces a song about gunge, early in the show
Gunge and Roses — only the greatest band of all time!
– Presenter Stella Maris reintroduces What Now? super group Gunge and Roses
Mōrena whānau, my name's Adam, I used to host What Now? many years ago with a dear friend of mine, Mr Ronnie Taulafo. It is 4:37am in the morning. Apparently he's turned into a bit of a fitness freak, so I've got up earlier than him, and this is the 'What Now? Wake up Call' — Jump Jam edition...
– Former presenter Adam Percival
...Trish has sent us in this letter here and she said; "Hi my name's Trish, and I've watched What Now? from day one. I would love to put a cream pie on Props Boy." And that sounds like a pretty good idea to me...
– Presenter Stella Maris reintroduces Props Boy
This is like a flashback to the 2000s, late 90s. Now Anthony Samuels, how does it feel to be on-screen on What Now?, again?
– Presenter Erin Wells introduces former presenters Anthony and Jason