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Hero image for Who's Killing the Kiwi

Who's Killing the Kiwi

Television (Full Length) – 1997

9 Mar 2012 - 11.08pm
What I'd like to know is why the logging companies over there are still clearing large areas of native bush!? I am from New Zealand and every time I go back the landscape is getting ever more barren. So much for those self-righteous 'green' kiwis. When is the government going to set aside more land to protect and when are conservation groups going to stop the butchery of the beautiful bush? Is there a Wilderness Society in N.Z? They achieve a lot here in Australia. Large corporations and political heads need to start thinking a little bit more, look at Tasmania, one third of it is national parks and world heritage listed. Save the land for the people and the animals to enjoy, forget unsustainable economic growth, where are you all rushing to anyway? Your doom? It's so cliche' but there you have it.
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