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Bic Runga , Music Video – 2005

from the album Birds (2005)

This gorgeously shot video boasts a stellar cast of players and backing vocalists, including Anika Moa, Shayne Carter, Neil Finn, Anna Coddington and Trinity Roots drummer Riki Gooch. All made contributions to Runga's third album, Birds. Director Darryl Ward (Anika Moa video In the Morning) achieves a delicately darkly-hued yet occasionally light-hearted tone, as the all-star band performs Runga's mellow message of finding hope amidst glumness. "Casting a line to you..."

I know how to tour now. You have to get good at being on the road, you have to seek out inspiration, not just sound-check and play. That's what I was seeking on this record, to have Neil Finn and Shayne Carter and all my friends around me. So when we hit a new town we're not lazy about seeking out new things.
– Bic Runga, in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, 7 March 2006


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