Zed was part of a wave of turn of the century guitar bands (The Feelers, Goodshirt) that found local chart success. The band was formed under manager Ray Columbus, when Nathan King, Ben Campbell and Adrian Palmer were students at Christchurch's Cashmere High School. Andrew Lynch joined in 2000. The same year Silencer debuted at number one; it won Album of the Year at the 2001 NZ Music Awards and produced hit ‘Renegade Fighter’ (which also featured in a long-running Rebel Sports campaign). The band's second and final album This Little Empire (2003) followed in both Kiwi and United States versions.

Renegade Fighter

2000 - Music video

The music video for Zed’s biggest hit sees the band rocking out in a dimly-lit house while a storm seems to rage outside, wreaking havoc with the venetian blinds. The infectious earworm peaked at number four on the New Zealand singles chart and helped Zed's debut album Silencer become the best-selling local album of 2000. 'Renegade Fighter' gained extensive airplay as part of a long-running Rebel Sport commercial, and was used in the United States in both an episode of Superman TV show Smallville and movie American Pie 2.

Oh! Daisy

1999 - Music video

Originally written as a sixth form (Year 12) music assignment, 'Oh! Daisy' was the first single by the trio of Christchurch high school students who called themselves Zed. It became one of four Top 20 singles on their triple platinum debut album, Silencer (2000). The music video features footage of Zed performing, alongside a loose plotline involving a young man meeting the woman of his dreams by staring through a magical View-Master (a device for viewing photos in 3D). But even in the universe of View-Master fantasy, there can be disappointment. 


1999 - Music video

Zed was part of a wave of turn of the century Kiwi guitar bands that found chart success and popular followings. This old school Kiwi pop-rock tune finds music video interpretation via director Scott Cleator (who also envisioned Zed songs ‘Oh! Daisy’ and ‘I’m Cold’). Glorafilia keeps Ben from Zed waiting in the morning, tying ribbons in her white girl dreads (it’s a South Island thing), before science lab shenanigans, cruising in a convertible, Corsair Bay beach volleyball, fireplace bongos, Tintin t-shirts, nose-piercings and other relics from a 90s teen crush.