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Presented by Kenneth Cumberland, Landmarks looked at New Zealand history through the landscape, and at man "coming to terms" with it. In this episode NZ's "last, lonely, remote" geography is framed as a stimulus for ingenuity. A narrative of "triumph over the elements" finds its flagbearer in the DIY story of jetboat inventor Bill Hamilton. Cumberland is donnish but game in pursuit of telling landmarks: exposing seashells alongside the Napier-Taupō highway (700m above sea-level) like a down-under Darwin, or in a gas-mask on an erupting White Island.  


Producer's Perspective by George Andrews 25.08.2009

Landmarks began as a twinkle in my eye in London as I was watching Alistair Cooke’s 13-part series America when it was released on BBC-2 in 1972. What an amazing broadcaster and what a way to tell a country’s ...

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Can we have the rest of this series online as well...

 Geoff Simons

Geoff Simons

Landmarks was a wonderful series, similar to Alistair Cooke's America series.

 Rufus Knight

Rufus Knight | website

Something in the treatment of the film (or lack thereof) gives Landmark's images the poignancy that escapes most other landscape documentaries. Dense, rich and vital; much like the Landmark series itself.



Bit of a dude.



Why is that despite all the advances in technology, a mushrooming of media studies degrees and film schools, and boosts to funding of the so-called creative industries, we can't match today the quality of Landmarks and its ilk. It seems as time goes on, the worse NZ-made TV gets. Cumberland was the David Attenborough of Kiwi TV. Brilliant stuff. Can you buy the series on DVD? I might just do that.

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