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A Week of It was a pioneering political satire series that entertained and often outraged audiences from 1977-1979 with its irreverent take at topical issues. This first episode opens with a literal investigation into what Labour politician Bill Rowling is like in bed, and then Prime Minister Muldoon gets a lei (!). McPhail launches his famous Muldoon impression, Annie Whittle does Nana Mouskouri; and the Nixon Frost interview is reprised as a pop song: "Let's rip the whole world off". The well-known Gluepot Tavern skit wraps the show: "Jeez Wayne".


A Producer’s Perspective by David McPhail 16.02.2010

A Week of It first screened on July 4, 1977. It was the result of four months of planning, practice shows and endless meetings. I started thinking about a weekly, satirical programme months before that, but I looked to Wellington for ...

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Credits (14)

 Tony Holden
 David McPhail
 Endel Lust

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Produced by

 South Pacific Television


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