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Chris McVeigh

Writer, Actor

Chris McVeigh became a regular television fixture on hit show A Week of It. McVeigh played various roles on the pioneering late 70s comedy series, but he was most recognised for a pub sketch which ended with the now famous line "Jeez, Wayne". McVeigh wrote this sketch (and others) for three seasons, with fellow Christchurch lawyer AK Grant. The pair  — both members of comedy revue group The Merely Players — went on to write for McPhail and Gadsby, and collaborated on one-off legal comedy Twining and Bodkin. McVeigh left television to concentrate on his legal career; in 1995 he was appointed as a Queen's Counsel.

It was great fun and very rewarding being able to tease and lampoon the pomposity of New Zealand’s coterie of political and media luminaries. Chris McVeigh on pioneering comedy show A Week of It