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Having exploited and offended Māori when in NZ in 1928 to make his film Under the Southern Cross, Hollywood director Alexander Markey returned two years later to make Hei Tiki, spending about four years around Taupō in the process and upsetting everyone all over again. The film, based on a Māori legend, was panned upon its New York release in 1935. This documentary tells the remarkable story of the making of Hei Tiki, and includes clips from the film, footage of the cast and crew at work, and interviews with descendants of the actors. 

Credits (4)

 Geoff Steven
 John Maynard
 Alexander Markey

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 Kahu Alalani Hill

Kahu Alalani Hill

Hei Tiki I am proud to be a descendant of the great Alexander Markey. He did this movie Hei Tiki and he did great things in film. What a way to archive culture. My mother gave this film to keepers in New Zealand. With whatever controversy it is good that the people have the history of their ancestors and some of the beautiful culture. I keep his other films in cold storage in Hollywood that he shot in India. I wish there was more positive that was archived about him. it is always sad and is the controversy. Not enough have researched him to find out the good that he left behind and did in those times. I have so much more in print and beautiful writings that he made. I am proud that he was my ancestor and that I am his descendant carrying on some of his spiritual work. There is more for anyone who's truly interested in knowing or seeing what else Alexander created. And that he deserves the be recognized for the great things he did in film.



The quality of Hei Tiki does no justice to my handsome koro

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