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In a lawless fuel wars future, marauders roam the wasteland looking for oil. Their malevolent leader Straker threatens his daughter Corlie; she’s rescued by loner Hunter and they harbour with eco-sensitive folk in the Clearwater Commune ... but not for long: there will be blood on the Central Otago plains! Following in the exhaust of Mad Max, the cult film was made during the 80s tax-break feature surge, with US director (Harley Cokliss) and leads flocking south during a Hollywood writers’ strike, and Kiwis as crew (“artists with chainsaws”) and supporting cast.

Credits (35)

 Harley Cokliss
 Rob Whitehouse
 Lloyd Phillips

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 Paul Ward

Paul Ward | website

Hi Rob: Battletruck has been released with Death Sport as a double feature DVD (part of the Roger Corman's Cult Classics series). It is available from the producer Shout! Factory or major retailers (eg. Amazon). See the 'buy' tab to the right of the player for a link.



I've been looking for this movie off and on for years. Has this been put on DVD yet?

 Jayme Everest

Jayme Everest

go 80's new zealand independent films.

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Why do men have to fight? 
They were artists with chainsaws. 
I love the spirit in New Zealand, where the chef - when he wasn't making lunch - was laying tracks ... it was a terrific spirit. 
The remarkable thing was the production designers in New Zealand. They were scavengers ... we had a nothing budget. In today's money it was like $400,000 ... the truck and all the vehicles were designed by Kai Hawkins who is a remarkable designer [...]. We had so much talent out there, and they were literally working with junk. 


1982 Sitges International Festival of Fantasy and Horror Films (Spain)
Best Actress: Annie McEnroe

1983 Avoriaz Festival du Film Fantastique (France)
Special Jury Prize