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  1. Ria Hall


On this song from her debut EP, bilingual Wellington singer/songwriter Ria Hall marries her respect for tradition and her use of te reo and kapa haka to the very contemporary beats of producer Riki Gooch (Eru Dangerspiel, Trinity Roots). This mix of old and new is echoed in director Jessica Sanderson's video. It casts Hall as four characters drawn from mythology to ward off the evil of Babylon and is set against a strikingly modern dreamscape of video effects, imagery and lighting. It won Best Video by a Māori Artist at the 2012 Māori Music Awards.

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 Hine Karaitiana

Hine Karaitiana

Your so awsome. Strong as vocals and enormousely talented I love your music

 Gavin Kimpton

Gavin Kimpton

Hi I am the 1st person to comment. This song & video is fantastic from Gavin Roy Kimpton.


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 Jessica Sanderson
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