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In this documentary Cherie James pays tribute to New Zealand’s best-loved entertainer, telling Billy T James story from a daughter’s perspective. Performers who worked with Billy in his showband The Maori Volcanics also share their memories, as do family members who reminisce about Billy's early life growing up in the Waikato. Cherie provides her perspective on the well-publicised arguments that occurred after his death and why it was so important for Billy to be buried beside his mother on the sacred Taupiri mountain overlooking Huntly.

Credits (10)

 Alan D'arcy Erson
 George Andrews
 Tim Woodhouse

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Comments (6)

 daphne hunt

daphne hunt


Enjoyed his shows growing up...

I remember you cherie from glen eden intermediate....


Daphne Hunt xxxxxxx



The synopsis says "Cherie provides insight into the well-publicised arguments that occurred after his death and why it was so important for Billy to be buried beside his mother on the Taupiri mountain".
Sorry but where were the insights? It was a great small documentary on him, but did not shed any light on where the man himself wanted to be buried.



I feel like something is missing everytime I think of Billy. I never met him but I miss him tremendously. His end came waaay too soon.
Rest In Peace Billy.

I am 74 years of age: and i enjoyed tremendously "billy's" fantastic wit and humour, I was appalled to reluctantly witness the "billy t james" award for N.Z so called comics: within the space of twenty minutes (four comics in a half hour program) used the "f== word forty three times: is this what N.Z comedy has reverted to? i'm sure were billy alive today he would'nt sanction his name being used in this so called "new age of comedy" sincerely Ashley

 tama joe

tama joe

you will always be remembered 'billy t'.i miss your funny jokes...

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Dad's greatest gift to me, was simply being my father