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"Things are not always the way they should be", sings Steve Gilpin in 'Blue Day', from Mi-Sex's 1984 album Where Do They Go. Reaching number 24 in Australia and 36 in NZ, it was their last charting single before the band broke up; it's also on the APRA Top 100 NZ Songs list at number 54. The band plays on a darkened studio set, a strong neon-blue visual style complementing the soft, haunting keyboard intro. Artificial light suggests the day outside; pushed up jacket sleeves and genie pants are an unmistakable reminder of mid-80s fashion.

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To think such a classic song couldn't break the top 20 in either NZ or Oz let alone anywhere else in the world is a tragedy.

 Nicola Holden

Nicola Holden

Love it - just brilliant



many a time on repeat....

late at night

bottle of vodka in hand

ah those were days.

 Sara Wiseman

Sara Wiseman

Love this song, love Mi Sex. return concert please.



I always loved Mi-Sex.

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