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This animated hit follows the adventures of five kids growing up in the Auckland suburb of Morningside. The show's fearless, un-PC wit was developed from the poly-saturated comedy of theatre group Naked Samoans. In bro'Town's very first episode, Valea gets hit by a bus and wakes up a genius, allowing him to demonstrate that his school is not just full of dumbarses after the boys compete on a school quiz show. The Simpsons-esque celebrity cameos start strong, thanks to Robert Rakete, Scribe, PM Helen Clark, David Tua and "marvellous" John Campbell.


Series Background by Rachel Davies 21.08.2008

Wow. This show is so cool, genuinely hilarious, brave and brilliant.

bro'Town manages to superbly mix the laugh requirements of a sit-com with affectionate truths about living in 21st Century Aotearoa. It deals with difficult ...

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I'm just a part of a team and if a small child in Morningside smiles because of the success of our team, then I consider my life lived. 
In local news, a young man giving hope to a struggling school where previously there were just dumbarse p heads and no-hopers. 


2005 New Zealand Screen Awards
Best Script - Television Comedy: Oscar Kightley, Mario Gaoa, David Fane and Shimpal Lelisi
Best Comedy Programme