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This documentary explores the 1970s/80s protest movement through six key activists and their children. Green MP Sue Bradford's daughter Katie protested with her mother at age six. Te Whenua Harawira, born during the 1978 Bastion Point occupation, led the 2004 Foreshore and Seabed hikoi. Also: Che Fu, son of Polynesian Panthers founder Tigilau Ness; Toi Iti, son of Tuhoe activist Tame Iti; and Joseph Minto, whose Dad John organised protests against the Springbok Tour. It won Best Māori Language Programme at the 2008 Qantas Film and TV Awards.

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 Jimi Isaacs

Jimi Isaacs

Awsome doco, ive always wondered about the children of the movement too. very glad to have seen this and for them to share their storys. This part of history never really is adknowlegded in school we need of this in our schools. teach us about our history!!.



Excellent doco! I was 10 when i seen this type off carry on on tv, & got it in the neck from rascist new zealanders brown & white! Main reason for becoming a anarchist I suppose,Timaru has grown up a bit since then?? & hopefully the country!!

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 Front of the Box Productions


 Front of the Box Productions


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2008 Qantas Film Television and Awards
Best Maori Language Programme