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  1. A short film about coal mining in Westland.


This classic wartime newsreel profiles the coal mining towns of Westland. It compares the town of Rūnanga, where mining has brought prosperity and a strong community life, with Denniston, which is set in rocky, inhospitable land high up a West Coast mountainside. Its tone is patriotic: “Here then are the men who feed New Zealand with the raw material of industrial prosperity ... They work in the darkness of the mines, buried away from the fresh splendours of the air above them.” The Weekly Reviews were screened in cinemas 1942 - 1950.

Credits (2)

 Sydney Brookes
 Stanhope Andrews

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Wonderful footage, needs to be seen by many for them to understand the hard work the miners did.

 Bill Whitehead

Bill Whitehead

Brought back many memories. As a lad I got to go down mines in the Lower Buller Gorge, and one in Upper Buller Gorge (Delta, I think) between Inangahua and Lyell which had a flume to the bins at roadway, which I used to slide down with the coal. Ive been down Heaphys mine in Lower Buller Gorge. No way kids would be able to do today.

 Rose-Marie Clearwater

Rose-Marie Clearwater

Fabulous to have NZ history come alive.


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