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  1. The first of three parts from this full length documentary.

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  3. The third of three parts from this full length documentary.


"My life is here, but my soul is there." So says immigrant Maria Stanisich in this look at NZ's Dalmatian community which, after more than a century down under, maintains a strong connection to its European homeland. Using interviews with a range of people, this episode examines the history of those arriving in New Zealand from the Dalmatian area of the Adriatic, now Croatia. Many worked on the gumfields, where discriminatory laws favoured British subjects; some formed relationships with local Māori, before bringing proxy wives over from Europe.

Credits (7)

 Monique Oomen
 Vincent Burke
 Jennifer Bush-Daumec

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I never knew what kind of stuff that my family went through. It makes me sad to think about it. Maybe one day I can go back to moja domovina :)

 Nat Jakich

Nat Jakich

Really nice to watch this after my first visit to croatia at the age of 40 last year. Traveled with my family and visited Dalmatia the homeland of my grand parents. Made me want to go back actually.

 Erena Sarich

Erena Sarich

Excellent documentary, possible to get video of same please?



Hi Rita,

Here are the details on the book. Any bookstore could order it for you.

Vela, Florida 

Quoin Press Publishers; Christchurch, 1997 ISBN/Code: 187716304X NZ$ 24.95 288pp softcover  
From New Zealand to Washington and Croatia, this sweeping story of love, passion, dreams and destiny will have you laughing and crying to the very end.  



where can I get the book 'Croatia mine' by Florida Vera?

Thank you


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