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This late 80s game show features couples attempting to accrue time credits through answering a series of questions; aiming to play off for prizes (eg. the required household appliances and a holiday to “exotic Tahiti”). Hosted by Paul Henry — his TV debut — Every Second's’ gentle pace is decades removed from the accelerating insistency of Millionaire or Weakest Link. Henry fronts with more groaning Granddad jokes than the PC-baiting cheek he’d later become notorious for, but early warning signs are there, disguised in a formidable 80s suit and white loafers.

Credits (7)

 Mike Neale
 John Wansbrough
 Peter Hawes

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Oh, good spotting! What a terrible question though. Aside from such easy confusion with another well known lake, there is also a Lake Rotoroa in the Waikato. It is also known by the name Hamilton Lake.



Paul said Rotoroa not Rotorua. It is in the south island.




David and Christine were robbed! Lake Rotorua is in the north island.


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... and finally Geoff and Elizabeth. Elizabeth is cashier who plays modern piano. Geoff is a pharmacist. They met over the phone. 
‘Bumptious’ [means] self assertive in an offensive manner ... of course none of us are that! 
Everything about it was in your face, especially my suits. I got measured for some extraordinary checked suits ... I was the trailblazer for that particular style and I think the trail ended with me.