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Hero image for Blind Date - Series One, Episode Three

Blind Date - Series One, Episode Three

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1989

The basic format of Blind Date involves putting a series of questions to three potential dates who can't be seen. First in the driver's seat is Natalie, a “part-time actress and model who would love to meet somebody fast and exciting”  although not too fast. Her choices are a “Greenpeace supporter”, an accounts clerk, and a welder who likes to work out. Watch out for Suzanne Paul as one of the show's later suitors, who gets laughs for making clear the romantic impact of a well-built wallet. Two contestants also provide a post-mortem on their blind date.

If you were to be in a movie, what movie would it be and what part would you star in?
– Natalie, to one of her suitors

Key Cast & Crew

Profile image for Suzy Clarkson (née Aiken)

Suzy Clarkson (née Aiken)


Profile image for Suzanne Paul

Suzanne Paul


Generic Profile image for Dave Jamieson

Dave Jamieson


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Andrew Shaw


Generic Profile image for Glen Baker

Glen Baker


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Adam Long


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