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In July 1985 New Zealand Party leader Bob Jones and president Malcolm McDonald surprised many by announcing the nation's then-third most popular party was taking an 18 month recess. TVNZ went searching for comment, and after chartering a helicopter, found Jones fishing near Turangi. Jones was not amused; he infamously punched reporter Rod Vaughan, arguing later he would fight any charges in court, since the journalists had subjected him to intolerable harassment. When fined $1000, Jones asked the judge if he paid $2000, could he please do it again?

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 Rod Vaughan
 Peter Mayo

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LOL. You should have left him alone. Maybe call him for an interview instead of landing a chopper to corner the guy. If you're going for a hostile interview, you might want to wear your gloves.

 Kevin Waugh

Kevin Waugh

Punching someone (when not in self defence) cannot be excused - and for someone who is supposed to be a "boxer" to to punch a "civilian" just shows what a bully and ignorant pr*ck he is (he hasn't changed )

 Rod Vaughan

Rod Vaughan

Thank you Arthur for putting the story in context.
And just for the record I never for one moment thought New Zealanders would feel "sorry" for me.
I made it quite clear at the time, and later in my book "Bloodied But Not Beaten", that most Kiwis thought I deserved to be punched for my actions on that fateful day.
Whether that still holds true is another matter.

 Charlie hoots

Charlie hoots

I'd be pretty pissed if a helicopter scared off my fish also.

 Arthur Wilson

Arthur Wilson

Jones had just announced he'd wound up the NZ First Party he'd created, basically without any real explanation, and disappeared from sight. Why would he NOT have expected the media to track him down? It was big news. You can't just one day say: "That's it, she's all over red rover, the party's kaput, see ya!" and imagine no questions will be forthcoming. Had this been just a break he was taking, as opposed to a moonlight flit, then fair enough, he'd have had every reason to claim an invasion of privacy -- but by making that announcement and then doing a bunk, he asked for it. A damned poor show, especially after he'd used the media for all the publicity he could get when he headed the party.

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Jones moved like lightning out of the undergrowth and punched Vaughan on the nose. 
As we arrived overhead he left the river, and we landed on the river bank. But before we could speak to him, Mr Jones ran out of the trees and towards the camera. 
Piss off!