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K' Road Stories - Sugar Hit Web (Full Length) – 2015 Drama Dance Comedy

K' Road Stories - Sugar Hit

Web (Full Length) – 2015 Drama Dance Comedy

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A trio of mysteriously bloody and bruised women order tea in a cafe in Auckland's St Kevin's Arcade. The sugar debate gets a K Road twist as they talk boobs, revenge porn, and wonder if the sugar bowl has drugs hidden in it (riffing off a local urban legend). A trip to the toilet before last orders sees the cafe transforming into a dance floor, providing a groovy testimonial to the imaginative powers of the sugar hit. This edition of the series of short films exploring life on K’ Rd was directed by Roseanne Liang (My Wedding and Other Secrets), and stars the actors from her web series Flat3.

Someone once warned me against ingesting the sugar from K Road cafe sugar bowls because of the drugs hidden in them ... maybe that's why Karangahape Rd often feels like an extra dimensional space where the petty minutiae of 'normal' life takes on its own sheen ...
– Director Roseanne Liang

Produced by

Tuesday Best


Tuesday Best


Music for dance sequence: 'Wow (Boston's Shr-Edit)' written and performed by Coco Solid and Jizmatron. Remix by Boston Rodriguez