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Field Punishment No. 1 Television (Trailer) – 2014 Drama War

Field Punishment No. 1

Television (Trailer) – 2014 Drama War

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This telefeature follows the gruelling journey of Archibald Baxter, a pacifist who defied conscription and chose, on moral grounds, not to fight in World War I. The Otago farmer (father of poet James K), was one of 14 Kiwi 'conchies' who were jailed, disenfranchised and shipped to the war in Europe. There Baxter, played by actor Fraser Brown, was tied to a post in freezing conditions, then forced to the Front. The film continues a run of Lippy Features tales adapted from true events (Tangiwai, Until Proven Innocent); it screened on TV ONE on 22 April 2014.

When I was only semen in a gland
 / Or less than that, my father hung
 / From a torture post at Mud Farm
 / Because he would not kill.
– The poet James K Baxter, writing about his father's experience