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Film (Full Length) – 2005


Sedition - The Suppression of Dissent in World War II New Zealand chronicles the experiences of Kiwi pacifists during wartime. New laws affecting meetings, mail and media coverage meant that talking about pacifism could result in arrest, and imprisonment. By June 1940, holding more than one copy of a 'subversive' magazine could mean nine months hard labour. Ironically many of the MPs backing the laws had earlier been imprisoned for their anti-war beliefs; while Christian Pacifist Society leader Ormond Burton was twice decorated for bravery during World War I.


... how did New Zealand compare with other countries? You'd have to say in one short word we were worse — we were far more draconian.
– Historian Rod Alley on levels of censorship during World War II

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In memory of director Russell Campbell's late mother and father, Emily (Eslie) Helen Campbell and Ian Drummond Campbell