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Pirates of the Airwaves

Television (Trailer and Excerpts) – 2014

Adults only

This docudrama recreates the story of Radio Hauraki: a bunch of rebel DJs whose cause was bringing rock’n’roll to the radios of 60s NZ youth. Their fight for the right to broadcast involved a pirate vessel in the Hauraki Gulf. Director Charlie Haskell films the recreations from the point of view of late DJ Rick Grant, and cuts them together with interviews with the protagonists, animation and Hard Day’s Night-style japes. Based on Adrian Blackburn's book Radio Pirates, the telefilm debuted on TV One on 27 July 2014. It was nominated for a Moa Award for Best TV Feature.

I've got no personal connection with Radio Hauraki, but I do have an interest in pirates. As soon as the producer told me it was about pirates, I was interested.
– Director Charlie Haskell

Key Cast & Crew

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Charlie Haskell


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Donna Malane

Producer, Writer

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Paula Boock

Producer, Writer

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Dan Cleary

As: Jack Scott

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Benjamin Murray

As: Chris Parkinson

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Leon Wadham

As: Paul Lineham

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