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This chronicle of the Christchurch Commonwealth Games marked one of the National Film Unit's most ambitious productions. Though a range of events (including famous runs by John Walker and Dick Tayler), are covered, the film often bypasses the pomp and glory approach; daring to talk to the injured and mentioning that most competitors lose. The closing ceremonies of the "friendly games" feature the athletes gathering to — as the official song's chorus put it — "join together". The directing team included Paul Maunder, Sam Pillsbury, and Arthur Everard.

Credits (28)

 Paul Maunder
 Arthur Everard
 John King

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I was one of the kids in the choir that sung at the (re)opening of QEII park. We were all stunned with its modernity. Normon Kirk came out onto the bright orange track and the crowd just went crazy. He was like a hero to everyone, including primary school aged children. I was nine years old at the time. It's one of my happiest memories of my childhood.

 Tanya Muagututi'a

Tanya Muagututi'a

Great film. I've lived near to QEII park since 1974, and I was only very young back then. This film chronicles not only the games but also the park, neighbourhood surroundings, the people of CHCH and its visitors. Now the park is being demolished due to the earthquakes. Also a lovely look at Mene Mene the decathlete whose kids Bernice and Chris were amazing contributors to NZ sport and communities also. My house just been redzoned meaning we're out of here. I loved watching this for all of its sentimentality for me, but also because of it's significance to NZ History and story telling. Thanks. Tanya Muagututi'a xx

 Paul Ward

Paul Ward | website

@Steve: portions of Tayler's 10,000m race and memorable reaction to winning, are contained in the second clip; snippets of Walker's famous 1500m race with Tanzania's Filbert Bayi are contained in the final clip. Both Walker and Bayi set world record times, with Walker runner-up in a race described as one of the greatest middle contests ever.



Steve, if you're looking for footage of Dick Tayler's win, you need to spell his surname correctly - with the "e", not the more common "O".
Best of luck.

 lindsay eadon

lindsay eadon

i notice the women in the stands smoking my god imagine what the smoking police would do now and the official cars where HQ Holden s as well

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