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This documentary is a view into the crucible that forged Te Papa Tongarewa, the Museum of New Zealand, which opened in 1998. Fascinating fly-on-the-wall moments are captured as a new kind of national museum is conceived. This excerpt features a board meeting where Saatchi & Saatchi present branding options. As political, ideological, creative and commercial considerations collide, the frustrations of decision making by committee are palpable: the body language, tears, cautions, grumbles, and finally, smiles, as they settle on the contentious thumbprint logo.


A perspective by Mary-Jane Duffy 22.08.2008

Getting to Our Place is a fascinating look into the birth of Te Papa that vividly captures the pressures and culture clashes attendent in designing a national museum in 90s New Zealand. Postmodern theory meets commercial pragmatism, and ...

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Credits (16)

 Anna Cottrell
 Gaylene Preston
 Kit Rollings

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I find it hard to see a bird there - I see a downhill skier with a big head. 
We needed to have an identity that could go out there and work for us in the commercial environment. 
For anyone who has worked in a woolshed: they had too much water on the brush and they slopped it around. 
[It has] many of the hallmarks of a thriller. 


2000 TV Guide Television Awards
Best Editing (Paul Sutorius)