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Secondary school Auckland Grammar is a local landmark, with a reputation for academic and sporting excellence. This documentary surveys the state school's traditions; the "ways of Grammar" include academic streaming, the prefect system, and sport (rowing trials and the traditional 1st XV match against King's are featured). It also touches on the lengths parents will go to enable their children to attend the prestigious boys' school. Old boys interviewed include cricketer Dion Nash, All Blacks Doug Howlett and Grant Fox, and broadcaster John Hawkesby. 

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 Robyn Scott-Vincent
 Kerryanne Evans
 Carolyne Meng-Yee

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Comments (2)

 Grammar Boy

Grammar Boy

Proud to be a Grammar boy! 03 - 07

 Sandy Mamoli

Sandy Mamoli | website

Love the elitist nature, exams & sport as the only measure of achievement and the absolute freedom to compete.

What a shame they don't accept girls. I would have loved it!

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To tell you the truth I bought into the zone so my son could attend Grammar. [...] You do come out of here with [the attitude], “we are grammar boys: everything is possible. 
Sport is absolutely essential. In any boys’ school you’ve got to have good sport. You have to. In this school, which has got a history of top achievement in sport, it’s even more important. If the first XV lose on Saturday then the assembly on Monday is a little bit restrained - that’s how important it is. If the 1st XV is having a great season, the morale is that much higher. That might seem crazy, but that’s the way it is. 
Winning is part of the culture, the atmosphere. You’re expected to achieve. You’re expected to win. And nothing else is considered good enough. 
I have no doubt that if I hadn’t been in the rugby system here [at Grammar], I don’t think I would’ve been an All Black.