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Poet Hone Tuwhare was born in the far north, near Kaikohe, but forced by poverty to leave as a child. "75 years after Hone Glenn Colquhoun (doctor, poet, Tuwhare fan) wrote a poem in the Listener inviting him back." Hone accepted the invitation and this documentary is a record of his March 2002 Hokianga homecoming, taking in song, readings and plenty of laughs and kai moana. Silver-haired Tuwhare is irresistible, crooning Sinatra, charming school children with bawdy jokes or channelling the fire of his most famous poem: "For this is no mere axe to blunt!"

Credits (6)

 Michelle McGregor
 Anita Langthaller
 Andrew Wellbrock

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Kaka Point give us back our boy. 
McGregor leaves us in little doubt that everyone he met felt happier and richer for the encounter. Her charming film is virtually guaranteed to continue the effect. 
Put all these talented people together, plug them into the Tuwhare dynamo, and from day one the whole entourage is generating good times, warmth and aroha like a hot-wired hui on wheels. 


2004 New Zealand International Film Festival