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Kaikohe Demolition Film (Full Length) – 2004 Documentary Captioned Māori

Kaikohe Demolition

Film (Full Length) – 2004 Documentary Captioned Māori

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Director Florian Habicht's follow-up to his offbeat fairytale Woodenhead is a documentary tribute to a community of characters, drawn together by a desire to jump in a car for the local demolition derby. Behind the bangs, prangs, and blow-ups, the heart and soul of a small Far North town — Kaikohe — is laid bare in this full-length film, thanks to a cast of fun-loving, salt of the earth locals. Kaikohe Demolition won rave reviews, and The Listener named it one of the ten best films of 2004. Filmmaker Costa Botes writes about the film's characters and qualities here.

I'm happy that my Dad left me a legacy behind bro', I'm sorry it wasn't a Subaru Legacy.
– One of the bros in their demo car

Produced by

Pictures for Anna


Available to buy and rent from NZ Film On Demand




Made with funding from the Screen Innovation Production Fund, a partnership between Creative New Zealand and the NZ Film Commission


Original music composed by Marc Chesterman

Opening Karanga ('Ti Tii'), performed by Charlene Smith 

Closing track 'Haere Mai' performed by Daphne Walker and Bill Wolfgramm's Islanders

'Hiinatore i te Rangi i' (Song for Slow Motion Easter Derby) - vocal by Po Roa, written and performed by Marc Chesterman