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  1. Sneaky Feelings


"The season's old and the leaves have turned to gold / And the wind blows cold from the south ..." The song is mournful, dreamy and elegiac, and so is the music video, from Steve Young. The clip features amiably laidback performances by the band members, hanging out in various Dunedin locations — including synchronised guitar dancing (a la the Shadows) on a wintry-looking beach: grey clouds, pale blue sky and a charming "out now on Flying Nun" drawn in the sand as the closing shot. The orange $50 note in the busking bowl is a notable 80s relic.

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I love how they zoom in on the drummer at 4:13 just in time to catch either his "ffs look" or does he turn away so he doesn't laugh?



old style big orange FIFTY dollar note.

The 50's were bright reddy/orange and the 5s were muted orange.


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 Steve Young

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