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This documentary follows a Southern Alps ski competition for local and off season northern skiers. Organised by Coast to Coast impresario Robin Judkins, the ‘grand slam’ series begins with a chopper ride to Black Peak for powder 8 and telemark skiing; and then it's above Lake Wanaka for slalom, ski jumping, and a grunty "air, style and speed" mogul. Après-ski competing there's a springtime descent down Mt Taranaki. It wouldn't be Kiwi skiing without kea, and the discipline of the inner tube. The crisp sax and synth 80s score is by Hello Sailor's Dave McArtney.

Credits (10)

 Howard Moses
 Don Duncan
 Peter Read

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They’d been climbing on hard, permanent snow during the morning, but by the time they reached the top and gazed out over Taranaki, the snow had softened enough to enable them to begin the run. The view from the snow-filled crater made up for the struggle, and any last regrets were swept away with the ski descent: 4,500 vertical feet of superb spring snow, on another of New Zealand’s ... incredible mountains.