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  1. Darcy Clay


Opening on a garish display of powder piggery, this lo-fi clip gives those who didn't know him a fleeting insight into the all too short life of Darcy Clay. Assorted live footage interspersed with satire, popular mechanics and general trumpery make for a sometimes hilarious, captivating and often slightly wistful experience.

"The video for 'Jesus I Was Evil' was shot on a Handycam, the narrative uniquely Darcy Clay. It cost $250 and a bottle of whisky! Soooo Darcy Clay"
Tim Moon, May 09


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The coolest song, video & artist in NZ music history. Only Darcy could come up with that psychotic chord progression. $250 video that kicked the arse out of a plethora of forgettable brain-dead candyfloss codswallop to follow. The Darcy is dead...long live The Darcy.



Such a great entertainer. He was good friends with my cousin.
Strangest death ever... he committed suicide while preparing to perform at an anti-suicide festival.




 linda miller

linda miller

can't believe noone has commented on such musical genius. and im not being sarcastic loved darcy clay since i first heard him 12 years ago. so fuckin cool.


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 David Gunson
 Tim Moon

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