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Shot in black and white (by Terry King and future Harry Potter cinematographer Michael Seresin), this early Tony Williams directorial effort answers its road safety instructional mandate with style. A jazzy soundtrack scores the setting up of a literal ‘lives collide’ plot. Two lovers go rambling; a gallerist in a goatee takes photos on a car trip, a beau takes his girl for a Wellington coastal drive, a musical duo drive from a 2ZB recording session ... all the while emergency room flash-forwards are intercut and the clock ticks as basic road safety lessons are ignored.

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 Tony Williams
 John O'Shea
 Lindsay Anderson

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 Des Lawlor

Des Lawlor

Fabulous film of the times.

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 The Tony Williams Collection
 Better Safe than Sorry


In a film you can turn back the clock ... the characters can have a second chance, but in life you can’t turn back the clock.