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In this infamous Loose Enz edition, sexologist Rufus (Grant Tilly) has marriage problems due to being more theoretical than practical when it comes to the ways of the flesh. Things get complicated when an eccentric patient, Ernest (Bruno Lawrence), turns up claiming to have a magic touch with women. With Joy of Sex japes and punning pillow talk galore, it’s very much of its time. The (frankly, odd) sex farce gained notoriety for high-profile newsreader Angela D’Audney (as the sexologist’s wife) going topless, then into a turquoise catsuit.

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 Philip Monolagi

Philip Monolagi

RIP Angela D'Audney, Bruno Lawrence and Grant Tilly.

 Ashley Turner

Ashley Turner

Brilliant .... great dialogue and performances. Thats a lost treasure...found!!

 Kim Baker

Kim Baker | website

@Mike, we don't hold any information about any DVD release for this title, sorry. This is a TVNZ owned programme and required additional rights clearances before it could be licensed to NZ On Screen. To make an enquiry with TVNZ, here are the contact details:



When will this be released on DVD?



When will this be released on DVD?

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Perhaps that’s what’s doing it: a build up of your sexual energy, creating a forcefield, like static electricity? 
Actually I don’t mind cheese scones ... as long as they’re fresh.