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This Loose Enz edition follows a theatre group developing a play about Greek Gods. The full gamut of am-dram tropes are featured: know-all director, a lecherous lead (Jeffrey Thomas), zealous extras, drunk techies, an existential playwright (Colin McColl), shambolic dress rehearsal etc. Estranged couple Tom (Grant Tilly) and Helen (Liddy Holloway) find the play’s lofty themes echoed in more earthly realities. With a who’s who of NZ luvvies of the era it’s not quite Carry On, but there are japes aplenty, the show must go on, and it’ll be all right on the night.

Credits (22)

 John Anderson
 Tony Isaac
 Gilbert Goldie

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 Philip Monolagi

Philip Monolagi

RIP Grant Tilly and Liddy Holloway


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I see Venus as a bit of a slut 
Puck’s tights and the Fairy Godmother’s stole ... very kinky Peter! 
I’ve never known a show in this theatre where Peter Hewitt hasn’t had his wicked way.