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The three day Nambassa Festival, held on a Waihi farm in 1979, is the subject of this TV doco. Attended by 60,000 people, it represented a high tide mark in NZ for the Woodstock vision of a music festival as counter-culture celebration of music, crafts, alternative lifestyles and all things hippy. Performers include a frenzied Split Enz, The Plague (wearing paint), Limbs dancers, a yodelling John Hore-Grenell and prog rockers Schtung. The only downers are over-zealous policing and weather which discourages too much communing with nature after the first day.

Credits (17)

 Philip Howe
 Peter  Terry
 Dale Farnsworth

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What I love about this intro is freeze-framing at 34 seconds and seeing old Waikino town before it was washed away in the flood of 1980. You can even read "Bit a sole" on Steve Pardy's leather craft store.

 Kathy Voyles

Kathy Voyles

Ok, this was my first and last pop festival! I think I hitchhiked there and hoped to meet a friend who naturally I couldn't find. It was as hot as, and the loos were a little frightening but it sure beats Glastonbury! Wonderful NZ on Air - thanks so much! So groovily alternative and good natured...



Sheerlux and The Plague stand out...slept through LRB woke up for I think it was an encore...Split Enz looked dated in the face of the new wave, as did many other acts.

 Paul Moss

Paul Moss

found myself in two places, first, from behind, at the breadmaking scene, where LittleJohn and I were rigging sound, and second, engineering foldback for The Plague.. I also did FOH for Flight 77 but that footage isnt in this version. Flight 77 did make it to the Record Album though.

 Paul Moss

Paul Moss

excellent, been waiting a long time.. thanks Peter.

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I have read here and there that the Split Enz Nambassa show was patchy. Phooey! I was blown out of my high perch by an inspired, awesome, display of edgy, driving pop music.