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This TV drama follows a whānau taking a claim to the Waitangi tribunal, over plans by a Pākehā neighbour to build a resort on disputed land. Ngā Tohu jumps between the present day and 1839/40, when Māori chiefs were canvassed to support the Treaty of Waitangi and a settler makes an equivocal land deal with Chief Tohu (George Henare). The exploration of the Treaty's evolving kaupapa is effectively humanised by an age-old love story, and it scored multiple drama gongs at 2000's TV Awards. Director Andrew Bancroft wrote the teleplay with playwright Hone Kouka.

Credits (20)

 Andrew Bancroft
 George Andrews
 Hone Koaka

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 Neely morar

Neely morar

Auntie promises ken that she will not tell anyone that ken has found Arthur's copy of the deed. Why do you think she makes this promise to ken?
At hearing why does ken decide to say land belongs to hapu. What's the relationship between aunty and ken as a guide for relations between tangata whenua and tauiwi. Please discuss in detail

Produced by

  • Manukau Films
  • Legal Services Board



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This place will be the new Sydney 
Well-written, moving and blessed with great lead performances. 
The money was a gift to let you stay with us. The land does not belong to us ... we belong to the land. 


2000 TV Guide NZ TV Awards
Best Director - Drama: Andrew Bancroft
Best Actress: Nancy Brunning
Best Actor: George Henare
Best Supporting Actor: Ross Duncan