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Wai 262 Film (Full Length) – 2006 Documentary Māori

Wai 262

Film (Full Length) – 2006 Documentary Māori

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In 1991 six tribes took a major claim to the Waitangi Tribunal, encompassing everything from intellectual rights to management of indigenous fauna. Law professor David Williams describes Wai 262 as “the most important claim the tribunal is ever going to hear”. This backgrounder interviews key claimants from three Northland tribes. In 2011 the Tribunal’s Wai 262 report recommended major law reform, arguing for Crown and Māori to shift to a forward-thinking relationship of “mutual advantage in which, through joint and agreed action, both sides end up better off”. 

I think that the way forward is dialogue, it’s the development and nurturing of relationships with each other. Because the Western paradigm obviously has their view of what the law is requiring them to do. And of course we have our own view of our responsibilities as to how we protect the natural and physical resources in the environment.
– Hori Parata (Ngātiwai)